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Webinar JEO Review - Secrets to Start Business with Webinar


Webinar JEO Review - Secrets to Start Business with Webinar

Webinar is an efficient method to educate and facilitate training, thanks to the convenience it allows. It can also be a useful promotional tool; it can help you promote and ultimately “sell” products, services, and even ideas.  Compared to other online marketing strategies, this one is not as commonly used, which means that mastering the art of setting up webinars could give you an edge over the competition. In fact, this technique is slowly making its way in the online marketing world and is known for its high conversion rates.


There are many webinar software applications on the internet and choosing the right one might be a little challenging. You need to make sure that it has the functions and features that are essential for the seminar you intend to conduct. One tool that you can try out is the Webinar Jeo.  It is deemed as the complete webinar software of this era.

Pros of Webinar Jeo:

+ Save money.

+ Easy to use.

+ Strong business presence.

+ Recorded web seminars.

+ Interactive.

+ Have a closer relationship with your clients.

+ Increase brand awareness.

Webinar Jeo Review & Demo:



Webinar JEO is webinar tool consists of all you need to setup, promote and conduct your own webinars. With an interface that is intuitive so even complete newbies can conduct successful webinars. All you need to is launch the interface, and then choose from the tabs and menu items.

It’s an alternative for Webinar Hero, Go To Webinar or even kluges like Google Hangouts. Walter Bayliss is the man behind this software. He is one of the creators of some of the best software & software as service products on the market.

To set up a live seminar, just choose “set up the webaner”;  otherwise, choose “set up a recorded webinar”. The menu options are that straightforward and and provide for the creation of evergreen webinars from the get start.

The time and date tab lets you choose from a wide selection of time zones and formats. Record Feature allows you to save your webinar and show it to your next guests or participants.  You can also schedule the recorded seminars at a particular time. You can use the countdown to build anticipation and help participants keep track of the time when the web seminar will start.

You can also customize your registration pages; the software includes pre-customized templates that you can quickly use. You can also send out webinar invites and offers smoothly to your previous participants by copying and pasting the link of the web seminar.

During the webinar, you can use the “Go Live” button to activate your camera and microphone. The whiteboard Feature on the other hand, allows you to make illustrations, or write a summary of information to help participants better understand  your presentation. You still have complete control though; the Mute Function helps in minimizing background noise.

There are interactive features that greatly enhance the webinar experience. For beginners, the “Chat” tab helps you to connect more with your visitors and answer their questions. You can opt to have the chats with the group or privately for a more personal and engaging feel. Another interactive feature is the “Media” tab where you can add “Buy” buttons or “Q&A” buttons on your webinars. This can help stimulate the visitors interests & increase sales. You can even ask some of the participants to make a presentation.

Webinar Jeo Review

This webinar software is great for anyone that wants to use Webinars to generate extra income through affiliate promotions, selling physical products, or providing this as a service to other businesses.


In all honesty, if you’re looking at getting more exposure online for your online or offline business – whether you’re a newbie, or a seasoned veteran at this point in time you can really make a lot of ground with using Webinar JEO for a fraction of the cost of other online webinar marketing software.

Getting Webinar JEO will prove to be a wise investment in my opinion .The opportunities this webinar software will present to you a very valuable. Just think for example what you can do with the automated/ on demand replay feature that comes with Webinar JEO. If you are selling a product of service you can automate the webinar so it becomes you sales person that works for you 24/7… And that’s only one of the benefits of the many features this software offers you.

Also compare to costs of other webinar software systems Webinar JEO is very cost effective and worth the investment.
Take advantage of this offer and get the Webinar JEO software for a discount if take action now.

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